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frequently asked questions about marina house

Most people, understandably, have questions about marina house. Many of these are asked on more than one occasion. Here are some of our more frequently asked questions.

If there is something you need to know that isn't discussed here and using the search tool produces nothing then please do not hesitate to contact us through our enquiry form.

How can I book an apartment?

At first you need to make an enquiry through our enquiry form. Once we have received this we will contact you to discuss finer arrangements. As a standard we do not require a deposit for bookings that are within 90 days of arrival date however in some circumstances we may ask for the room deposit of B5,000 to be lodged with us in advance. Commonly this is if we do not have many available rooms and will, therefore, be turning down bookings after we accept your booking.

All bookings require a Thai telephone number or confirmed flight details to be received before 30 days prior to arrival for confirmation.

What time can I check in?

As a standard we can check you in between 07:00 and 18:00 any day. If you require a check-in outside of these times we can often make an arrangement for an evening check-in up to 22:00. This will be charged at B300.

Night-time check-ins are disturbing to our residents so we do not allow any check-in between 22:00 and 07:00

Please ask for more information when booking your apartment with us.

Is it possible to pay in USD, GBP, EUR, etc

All payments need to be made in THB by cash or bank transfer.

I would really like to live in apartment xxx, can I move if this apartment becomes available?

Yes, at Marina House we operate a policy of "apartment promotion". If you would like to move to specific apartment then you should make this known to the owner's representative and your request will be noted. The next time a room in your desired position (this could be a single room or a range of rooms) becomes available interested tenants will be notified in order of request (i.e. first come, first served).

Please note that the larger apartments have a separate waiting list.

Apartment moves are subject to a B500 room cleaning fee.

What furniture is fitted as standard?

Our standard apartments all feature (from the front door):
Shelving area
Dressing area with drawer and mirror
Desk area with sliding keyboard stand
Bed with mattress (the bed is a "Queen" size. This is the American definition - 5'/150cm)
Air-conditioning unit

Please understand that our apartments are "partly" furnished and don't feature sheets, pillows, towels, etc

How much will my utilities be per month?

Low estimate:

Over the years of running marina house we have seen bills as low as B400 for a full month with a person running the following items:

Floor standing fan (i.e. not using the built-in air-con unit)
Hot water in the shower

It must be noted that this has ONLY been achieved on the 1st floor where the rooms do not heat up during the day.


Mid estimate:

The average bill for an apartment for a month is closer to B1,000-B1,500 with a person adding in a 3/4 height fridge and using air-con for 4-6 hours a day at 27-28c. Keeping air-con to a higher temperature really does keep the bills much lower.


High estimate:

B5,000-B6,000 This is based of running the following:

Full height fridge/freezer
Mini-kitchen (microwave, hob, steamer, kettle) cooking 2 meals a day
Desktop computer with 22" monitor and a laptop
Air-conditioning at 25c for 12 hours a day
Hot water shower
Fan (to circulate air-conditioning)

It is worth noting that this bill was achieved during April when the average temperature was 40c with a 6 month old baby in the apartment (they just don't cope with the heat as well). This was 3 people as well, all meals cooked at home, 1 person working from home and plenty of luxuries. The same apartment with the air-con at 28c for 8 hours a day would bill closer to B2,000-B2,500 so this high estimate needs to be averaged out over the year as a cost as, in November to February, the air-con can be reduced down to a couple of hours a day at most.

Can I rent a Fridge or TV?

As Marina House is a small apartment block with only 18 apartments we only have a small number of rental fridges and TVs. When available these rent for B500 for a 1/2 height fridge and a 20" TV.

However some tenants, when they leave, look to sell their TVs and Fridges. It is worth enquiring as to whether anybody is selling their units as you move in, mention this in your enquiry.

Conversely it is a wise investment, for any stay of 6 months or more, to buy a new fridge and sell it when you leave. For example, we had one tenant who paid B4,000 for a 3/4 height Samsung (brushed steel finish) fridge that was discounted from B5,950 due to some delivery damage (a couple of small dents in the side of the door). He used this fridge for 6 months, keeping it clean throughout. When he left Marina House he sold this fridge of B3,000 giving him a total cost of B167 per month for a very decent fridge.

We always have a new tenant, like yourself, looking for a good value fridge or TV.

How do I get to Marina House from...?

Please check out our comprehensive, and continually growing, location section for more information.

What size are your apartments?

Our standard rooms are 27sqm in total. This figure includes the bathroom, main room and balcony. The balcony is the main feature of our rooms as they are nearly 3 times the average balcony size in our class. At 7 sqm our balconies offer a "2nd room" in our apartments and many tenants have set up a dining area as well as a kitchen and they still have space to move about. In the main part of the room the fitted furniture is organised to provide the largest usable space possible. In fact it is possible to sit a 3 seater sofa bed beside the bed in our apartments. The built in storage units provide a lot of usable storage space and our wardrobes provide ample space for a couple to store their clothes (unless you are a fashion model).

Our larger "executive" rooms feature an additional 13 sqm of "empty" space. With all the fitted furniture in the main part of the room this space provides an excellent place to make "home". At present 1 of our residents uses their extra space as an "art" area, another as a rather wonderfully selfish office space and we, as a couple, use ours as an office/living room complete with 2 desks, a sofa and shelving for all our "couple" junk.

I really want a larger apartment, is it possible to book one of these?

Our larger apartments have an internal waiting list. Being that Marina House opens up rooms based on seniority (i.e. the longer you are living here, the more chance you have of getting a better room as one comes available) this list has a very long waiting time. Since we opened 6 years ago the larger apartments have each had 2 change each. This averages that one of these apartments comes up every 36 months. As you can imagine the owner wishes he had built more.

Can I have guests at marina house?

All rooms at marina house are rented for up to 2 people (3 people if the 3rd is a child under 10 years). If you live alone and have a friend coming for a couple of nights to stay as your guest in your apartment then that is fine. If your friend is staying for a longer period of time we just request to have a copy of their id for legal purposes.

If you are already 2 people living in your apartment and you have a guest staying then this is not a problem for under a week as long as this does not create a disturbance for your neighbours

We ask that our residents ensure their guests understand the marina house rules as the guest remains the responsibility of the inviting resident throughout.

If you would rather your guest had their own room then we rent empty rooms by the night for B500 including electricity and water. Though we do not officially have any bedding, towels, etc it is worth asking the management as we may have some of our own available for your use.


If you are entertaining a "special" guest we simply request that you use discretion when passing through our soi. When your "special" guest is leaving we request that the resident ensures that the "special" guest leaves the building completely for the security of other residents.

I have a disability, how accessible is Marina House?

We will do everything we can to help you stay at Marina House, however we only feel it fair to mention that Marina House is situated at 200m down a pedestrian only soi. Once you are at the bottom of the soi there are 2 steps into the garden then 2 further steps into the house itself. If you can take a 1st floor room then that will be all the steps you will ever need to worry about.

Marina House regrettably is not suitable for wheelchair users. To be entirely honest, nor is much of Thailand unfortunately.

I need to get to xxx location each day by xxx time

Please check out our location section for a list of locations. If your location is not mentioned then please do not hesitate to use the form located in that section of the website.

I am studying at Thongsook College, what are the transport options?

To get to Thongsook College from marina house there are a number of options.

If there are enough students at marina house at the time of your stay you could share a taxi. This will take about 10-15 minutes and cost, roughly, B100-120. Between 4 people that works out just a little more expensive than the bus and far more efficient.

By bus there are a number of options:
170 - Direct - B16-20 - Every 20-30 minutes - Take 20-30 minutes
This options is quite infrequent so we recommend the following as well

Bus 203 to Pata in Pin Klao (when on board the 203 it will follow Charan Sanit Wong through 1 major junction then turn left at the next major junction, Pata is the next stop)

You need to cross over the road using the footbridge and then take ANY of the following buses to Thongsook College: 40, 123, 124, 127, 149 (with Thanks to William Zuby and Ramsy De Vos for refining these numbers).


You can return on any of the above and use the 203 to complete your journey. Alternatively you can use the 515 which will bring you to Krung Thon Bridge where you can walk back (15 minutes) or catch any of the 18, 110, 170, 175, 203 to complete your journey.

How relevant is the BTS/MRT to marina house?

At present the BTS is the nearest "mass transit system" to marina house. Bangkok being Bangkok the answer to "How close is the BTS to marina house?" is the same as "How long is a piece of string?".

If you are travelling to the BTS at Victory Monument outside of the rush hour then one of the "roughly" (this is Bangkok) every 10 minutes number 18 buses will take 10-15 minutes to get you there. During the rush-hour this journey can increase significantly up to 1 hour depending on traffic. There are, however, plenty of other transport options in Bangkok that are far more efficient if you are living in marina house.

As an example we can take a journey to Asoke. During the rush-hour you might have to give an average of 30 minutes to get to Victory Monument. Once here you need to walk 5 minutes to the BTS and then queue to board a train. You may end up having to wait for the 2nd train such is the over-crowding issue on the BTS at present. Allow 10 minutes for this. Once on the train it is approx 15 minutes to Asoke. We now have a 1 hour journey that can be increased to up to 90 minutes.

Alternatively you could catch the number 203 bus from marina house to Democracy Monument. These buses run every minute and take, in the rush-hour, 15-20 minutes to make it to Democracy Monument. From here you have a 5 minute walk to Phan Fa and the Klong Saen Saep canal boat. The boats leave every 5 minutes and take approx 15 minutes to get to Petchaburi stop. From here a "Motosai" will take 5 minutes to get to Asoke. A total journey time of 50 minutes and much less chance of increasing delays.

please remember that marina house is a private residence and viewing is by appointment only. to make an appointment please use our "enquiry" form.

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